1-Day Workshop for Scientific and Medical Professionals and Students

MediWrite GmbH, Leimenstrasse 57, 4051 Basel

Date: Friday, August 30, 2019 (9 a.m. to 5 p.m.)
Venue: MEDIWRITE GmbH, Leimenstrasse 57, 4051 Basel
Fees: CHF 500 for working professionals; CHF 200 for students.
The fees include all course materials and refreshments/lunch on the day.
Tutor: Dr. Silvia M. Rogers (author of the books “Mastering Scientific and Medical Writing” and “Strategic Scientific and Medical Writing”, Springer, Heidelberg)
Contact: Please send an e-mail to or call +4179 203 6948.

The topics

  • Good versus Poor Scientific Writing
    • An introduction
    • Common myths and misconceptions
    • Guidelines and conventions: where to look for guidance
  • Step by Step Towards Powerful Scientific Messages
    • Healthy ratio of active vs. passive verbs
    • Fewer prepositions
    • Simple tenses (wherever possible), applied properly
    • Parallelism at all times
    • Modifiers in moderation
    • Sound (and abundant) punctuation
  • Standards and Style
    • Consistent spelling (American versus British)
    • Abbreviations and acronyms
    • Expressing numbers
    • Using capital letters
  • Some Details No One Dares to Ask….
    • Subject-verb agreement
    • Redundancies (double negatives, syntax, tautology, oxymoron)
    • Dangling participles
    • Use of ‘respectively’
  • Structuring a paper or report
    • Logical presentation of data
    • Getting the “story” out

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