Workshop 1

Scientific and Technical Writing with an Emphasis on Publications, Posters, and Abstracts (1 Day)

Tutor: Dr. Silvia M. Rogers, Ph.D. (Pharmacologist)
Target audience: Students and scientific/medical professionals who wish to broaden their knowledge of powerful scientific reporting, particularly if they plan to write a Ph.D. thesis, manuscript for publication, or poster

Course Program

  • Scientific and Technical Writing: An Orientation
  • Back to Basics - The Main Difficulties Commonly Experienced
  • Poster Presentations and Abstracts
  • How to Turn 'Poor' Scientific Writing into 'Compelling' Writing
  • Excessive Use of the Verb 'to be'
  • Excessive Use of Prepositions
  • The Tenses in Scientific Reporting
  • Joining Statements
  • The Umbrella Term 'Modifiers'
  • Standards and Style
  • Visual Formats

A workshop entitled "Medical and Scientific Writing with an Emphasis on Clinical Reporting" is also available.